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GMI Hub "Family Christmas - Volume 2"

Hey Friends!

Canada’s Gospel Music Industry Hub presents "Family Christmas - Volume 2", releasing October 29th! This special album will feature Christian artists from across Canada, including a song by Yours Truly!

Mark your calendars for these upcoming dates!…

October 25 & November 1 - Gospel Music Industry Hub (GMI Hub, Toronto) presents Songwriter’s Circle! Two evenings GMI Hub hosts Cheryle and Dale will formally introduce the artists and songs of “Family Christmas - Volume 2”.

October 25, 7pm ET (5pm MT)

November 1, 7pm ET (5pm MT)

October 29 - “Family Christmas - Volume 2” releases!

November 15 - Christmas single, "I'll Sing", releases to iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services.

November 15 - “GMIHub Studio Talk” will feature the producers and engineers of our songs! Tune in at 5pm (MT) to meet my producer and friend Mark Troyer of Evergreen Recording Studio in Calgary (if you have been enjoying my album “Brave Girl”, Mark is the guy to thank! He also produced my Christmas song and did a fantastic job!). Looking forward to watching this special show!

December 1 - Christmas song lyric video releases to YouTube!

‘Tis the season! Thank you for sharing this info with your friends and family and for your support!

Keep going,

Rhonda Louise


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