Meet My Producer

Meet my producer for my upcoming album, Mark Troyer! A music producer of an album is as an architect to a house. The artist knows the sound and look they are going for, and searches out the right producer for the job. The artist hires the producer, and brings their album idea (house plan) and songs (room designs) to them, to share their vision and ideas. The producer, based on the artist’s budget, then presents their ideas to complete the project, ideas that will improve or somewhat change the outcome. The producer hires the right musicians for the sound they’re striving to achieve, keeping the artist’s vision in mind. Then the real fun starts - they record each vocal part, instrument, and e

Getting Close...

Hey Friends, Recording has been going very well. My producer Mark and I have worked hard at recording each track with each musician, within our provincial guidelines of COVID-19. Each musician has given their all and I’m proud to have them on my record. I also had the honor of having my husband Peter and our sons Lee and Adam sing backing vocals on one of the songs! I’m still beaming with pride and gratefulness for their support. Lee has come to watch me work in the studio before, but Adam had not,...or so I thought... Adam reminded me that he was with me in the studio when he was 4, and asked if he’d once again get a slurpie. I was quickly reminded of that day... In 2006, while Adam was 4,

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