Happy Easter!

We don’t do change well, do we? Especially if a life shift is forced upon us and it wasn’t our choice. In this sudden shift, we’re adjusting. We’re living in a new normal, a new reality. We didn’t see this coming, and we don’t like change and the unknown. It has interrupted everything we knew (or thought we knew). The loss was unexpected, sudden, and shocking. And in the confusion we’re asking “Why?”. Is this how the disciples felt on that Saturday, the day following Jesus’ death? He was their friend. Their time together must have been fun but also very memorable. He was someone like they’d never known before. He was their teacher, with wild concepts (like grace and salvation), all taught wi

New Music Coming...

Hey Friends, While canceling my tour was disappointing, I know that God will provide opportunities when the time is right. This time has allowed me to fully focus on my family. My husband Peter is working from home. It’s going well, however, he misses being with his coworkers and having their daily commentary between them. Our boys Lee and Adam are away at Bible school, staying in their units and doing online classes. They also miss their routine and being able to hang out with their friends. They both work at a grocery store, and are thankful for their ongoing work as well as being able to leave their homes every few days. We’re looking forward to having them move back home at the end of th

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