"Brave Girl"

About Brave Girl Songwriting is creative and fun, but also deeply personal, and requires time and consideration. I have spent anywhere between twenty minutes and five days to write a song. Songs came relatively easily. Until now. Brave Girl was initially written as a personal diary song, a letter written to myself as an encouragement to heal after my own experiences of emotional and sexual abuse in the music industry... It started with a sudden reflection on a specific period of my life, releasing the suppression of those memories, and the ugly realization of it all. Then came the shock, shame, emotional pain, deep anger, and sadness. Months of weekly private counseling was exhausting and pa

Brave Girl Available Now!

Hey friends! My new album Brave Girl is available now! Download on iTunes or stream on Apple Music and Spotify! Brave Girl is my most personal album yet, one I’m very proud and honored to share. My prayer is that each song speaks into your life and brings you closer to our Saviour. Each song has a story of its own. To learn the story behind Brave Girl, visit my Song Stories and Lyrics page. Visit my YouTube channel for upcoming videos. Call your local Christian music radio station or Satellite radio (Stingray The Light) to request my songs. And, share my website link on social media to spread the word! I invite your emails and letters - I’d love to hear how a song spoke to you! Thank you for

And on the story goes…

I love songwriting, recording, then sharing those songs. The lyrics and messages in the songs I’ve chosen for my upcoming CD are of personal and vulnerable struggle, but also of hope - “Strength that is not my own, peace unexplainable”, “When all I know falls apart, I believe You’re never far”, “I know there will be a day when you can finally breathe”, “I am Yours, and Lord You are mine”, “Tell me this isn’t forever, Tell me You’ll make a way…”, “Let your beautiful heart shine through, you are beautiful you”, “You’ve carried me through this all along”, “It’ll be good, oh so good”… As I wrote, chose these songs, then decided on the order of songs on the CD, little did I realize that, in the e

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