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Brave Girl Available Now!

Hey friends!

My new album Brave Girl is available now! Download on iTunes or stream on Apple Music and Spotify!

Brave Girl is my most personal album yet, one I’m very proud and honored to share. My prayer is that each song speaks into your life and brings you closer to our Saviour.

Each song has a story of its own. To learn the story behind Brave Girl, visit my Song Stories and Lyrics page.

Visit my YouTube channel for upcoming videos. Call your local Christian music radio station or Satellite radio (Stingray The Light) to request my songs. And, share my website link on social media to spread the word!

I invite your emails and letters - I’d love to hear how a song spoke to you!

Thank you for your patience in waiting - I appreciate your support!

Keep going,

Rhonda Louise

Songwriting Credits:

Something Better (Ryan Edberg / Chris Clonts / Benjamin Judah Kasica)

Beautiful Grace (Rhonda Janzen / Mark Troyer)

Show me The Way (Rhonda Janzen / Mark Troyer)

Brave Girl (Rhonda Janzen)

Find You Waiting (Scotty Wilbanks / Brian Jonathon Bunn / Eric Steve Miker / Joshua Ryan Reedy / Boone Dodgerill)

Tell Me (Rhonda Janzen)

Consider Yourself Loved (Rhonda Janzen)

Produced by Mark Troyer

Mixed and mastered by Mark Troyer

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Evergreen Sound, Calgary, Alberta

December 2019-July 2020

Rhonda - piano, lead vocals, backing vocals

Mark Troyer - producer, electric guitar, keys programming, string arrangement, backing vocals

Spencer Cheyne - drums, percussion

Chris Byrne - bass guitar

Murray Pulver - acoustic guitar, electric guitar

Brendan Waters - B3 organ

Choir on Find You Waiting

Rhonda, Peter Janzen, Lee Janzen, Adam Janzen, Buhle Allison, Jenny Morrison

Photos by Aidan Campbell of 2C Photography

Thank you...

To my fans - Thank you for your continued support!

Peter - Thank you for the work you do for me behind the scenes (website management, music industry communication). Thank you for creating a marriage with me where I’m safe to share myself with you, as honest as I can at the moment. God knew I needed you and you’re an incredible gift as a husband. I’m proud of us and the life we’ve created with our boys.

Lee and Adam - Thank you for allowing me to confide in you. A mom’s personal experience is not always shared with her children, but because of our tight family bond and the mature men of God that you are, I felt comfortable enough to do so. I know that God will lead you and use you in your unique gifts in a very special way.

Peter, Lee, and Adam - Thank for your continued love, patience, gentleness, understanding, protectiveness, guidance, prayers, and support. It was an honor to have you sing backing vocals on this record and you did an amazing job. It was a fun, memorable, and proud moment. And, as awkward as it may be to live together again in this new, unforeseen life, I know that our closeness and mutual respect will provide comfort and calm. Here’s to many hours of games, movies, tv comedies, dinners, walks, teasing, and laughter. I’ll be on the front step with my coffee - the cookies are in the freezer.

“Roadie Rachel” - Rach, Thank you for your quiet and gentle spirit, and coming to sit with me, anywhere and anytime. Thank you for touring with me, for the miles of fun and laughs on the road - praying for more opportunities in our unknown future.

Jamie - You are talented at your work and I thank you for using your gift of counsel as you do.

Mark - I’m honored to have worked with a talent such as yours. Thank you for being the man of God that you are, and for your utmost respect and friendship. I’ve loved our time together and will miss being in your studio - praying for many more opportunities to make records with you!

Lord Jesus, thank you for being my friend, for crying with me, and holding me together. Thank you that while I live in this broken world, You are my Healer and Everyday Savior. And while I might walk a dark and terrifying road for a while, You will use all of it for good. Thank you for this new opportunity to make music but to also share of Your healing and grace.

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