January 16, 2018

Hey Friends,

What an exciting year it has been!  As you know, I returned to Nashville this past June to begin recording my songs for my upcoming CD.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my GoFundMe campaign, as I was able to record my first four songs!

I released my first single, “Sugar and Spice” (August 2017), followed by “It’s My Life” (November 2017).   Thank you for buying my music, but also for your notes of...

September 15, 2017

Every song has a story, and the story behind "Sugar and Spice" is one of my favorites.

Thank you, Mountain Mike and Calgary's 88.9 Shine FM for your invitation to debut "Sugar and Spice" on air with you, and for allowing me to share the story behind it.

- Rhonda Louise

July 2, 2014

Just when I think I know Bible stories so well, God reveals to me something new and profound. This past year he showed me someone very special – a woman named Rahab. On the surface, because of her means of living as a prostitute, she is easy to criticize and judge. But she is so much more than perhaps first thought. Rahab was a simple woman, yet complex as any other. She was genuine and real. She loved her family, yet as much...

July 5, 2013

I love to take long drives in the country. The endless open skies, vast forests and open fields in their seasons of change, abandoned houses or farm yards… I’ve often wondered about those abandoned houses and towns – Who lived there and who were they? Was it a large community of people, or a quaint group of families? What caused them to leave? I looked back on my own life – where I started, who I became and why, who I knew, wh...

May 3, 2013

 Music and Lyrics by Rhonda Louise

"Surrender – sobering, humbling
Held captive by my shame of letting go
Consumed with emptiness, I need You

Surrender – yielding, baring
Wrapped up in my fears of letting go
Trapped in hollowness, I need You

Empty me of myself
Empty me of myself
Empty me of myself
And fill me with You

Surrender – moving, exciting
Protected by Your Word, I’m letting go
Released by Your peace, how...

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