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Meet My Producer

Meet my producer for my upcoming album, Mark Troyer!

A music producer of an album is as an architect to a house. The artist knows the sound and look they are going for, and searches out the right producer for the job. The artist hires the producer, and brings their album idea (house plan) and songs (room designs) to them, to share their vision and ideas. The producer, based on the artist’s budget, then presents their ideas to complete the project, ideas that will improve or somewhat change the outcome. The producer hires the right musicians for the sound they’re striving to achieve, keeping the artist’s vision in mind. Then the real fun starts - they record each vocal part, instrument, and effect, making sure to capture that moment they envisioned from the song’s conception. Every song has a moment, “that feeling” when the listener has a surprising moment in their first experience with that song - when that happens, the producer and artist have fulfilled their task and wish.

The relationship between an artist and producer is a special one. There is a deep trust and respect. Bringing songs to a producer is a vulnerable moment for the artist. They are sharing their music and lyric ideas, but also the reason behind writing the song. Some songs are fun and exciting, while other songs are deep, soulful, and sometimes written in moments of sadness or growth.

While I wrote most of the songs for my upcoming record myself, Mark co-wrote a couple of them with me, nailing the sound and message I was going for. Between December 2019 and July 2020, Mark and I took my vision and worked on each song, creating each recording and growing it to its full potential.

You’ll hear what we wrote, and what I sang and played (piano), but how it was produced is Mark’s incredible talent and hard work (every string arrangement, drum, bass guitar, and guitar riff, backing vocal arrangement, keys arrangement,... even a melotron flute sound). Seeing each new email and opening each new progressed song link from Mark was a ton of fun - I was as giddy as a little girl on Christmas morning.

Watching Mark work was incredible. I’m very proud of this album and what we created together.

What I most grew to love about Mark is his godliness, respect, patience, humble spirit, humor, and the creative genius that he is. Thank you, Mark for this awesome experience - here’s to many more!

Rhonda Louise

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