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Brave Girl Video

Hey Friends,

My new video Brave Girl is premiering live on YouTube, Thursday, November 12, 2020 @ 12:00pm MST. Click here to view, and then share with your friends and family, pastor and church, or with those who you feel will appreciate the song’s message.

Brave Girl is a special song. Initially written as an encouragement to myself, it’s now yours, too. If you are a survivor of abuse, please know that Jesus loves you. And He cries with you, too. Take time to talk and work through those hurts with a trusted pastor or counselor, and confide only in those you trust with only what you want to share at the moment. Ask God for continual healing as you do. Keep walking. Keep talking. Then, one day you’ll know that who you are is only who God says you are.

You are remarkable, a conqueror, and loved, Brave Girl. Keep going...


Rhonda Louise


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