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Alberta Summer Tour 2019

Rachel and I have been friends for a very long time, nearly 22 years, since we both became new moms. I met Rachel in our church’s college and career group in 1997, just before her daughter Nicole was born, and we quickly became closer friends after my son Lee was born. We had our second pregnancies together (chasing 2 toddlers while massively pregnant in the summer heat), and Rachel later had her third child. Our play dates were busy and exhausting but also full of supportive encouragement for one another. Now that our oldest children are grown and either in a career or in college, and our raising children is nearing the end, we’re again supporting each other in our upcoming transitions.

Rachel has been an incredible friend to me, especially in this past year (visiting me weekly for 8 weeks after surgery (bringing movies and coffees), comforting me in my struggle these past few months, and offering support wherever needed).

Rachel will be my assistant on my upcoming tour (“Roadie Rachel”) and I’m excited for all that comes our way!

Would you commit to praying for us? Please pray for God’s leading as I practice songs and create set lists, God’s providence in opening doors and leading us to timely audiences, safety as we travel, restful sleep in a different bed every night, energy and strength in our long days, and most of all, spiritual protection as we guard our hearts and minds and go in obedience.

I will be performing and sharing at a private event in Grande Prairie, at Rising Above Ministries (an addiction recovery center), and at Grimshaw, AB at Come Alive Gospel Fest. I’m still accepting bookings for my Alberta tour - if your church, small group, or ministry is interested in having me come to perform and share, please be in touch!

We’ll see you soon! Rhonda Louise

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