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It’s been a long time, 162 days to be exact, since I last sat at or played my piano.

Having been unwell since February, a diagnosis, coping with pain management, a growing lack of energy, waiting months for surgery, an earlier mid-September surgery date, and now 5 weeks of recovery at’s been a long road.

Feeling stronger and well enough, having the energy and desire to play, after months away, I walked into my studio. I dusted off my piano, turned it on, sat down, cranked up the volume, and played. Forty-five minutes was probably too long (I’m sure my body will remind me of that tonight), but it felt too good not to keep going.

My memory storage of songs was still there (sort of), my muscle memory in my hands kicked in (most of the time), my voice was raw and rusty, and there were a lot of mistakes, but it felt awesome. It’ll take days and weeks to polish my playing and restrengthen my voice, but I know it’ll come. Before long, I’ll be back at performing.

THANK YOU for your kind words and for praying - keep it going while I continue to heal and finish my recovery. I’ll see you soon...

Rhonda Louise

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