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Pursuing New Opportunities

Hey friends! Thank you for your interest in my music career, and thank you for allowing me to share an update.

This past August I attended a music festival near Calgary. While there I met Billy Smiley, and I introduced him to myself and to my music. Billy and I then communicated over phone and email over the next while and we discussed my future in music. He asked if I would be interested in his coaching and support, and I said yes. He suggested I work with him in his studio in Tennessee for a few days, and I agreed that would suit me best. We made our arrangements, and in the meantime I kept practicing, writing, and performing. A few weeks ago I had the privilege of working with Billy Smiley at Dark Horse Recording Studios near Franklin, Tennessee. As a founding member and producer of White Heart, he also helped discover, develop, produce, and write for such artists as The Newsboys, Steven Curtis Chapman, Aaron Shust, Clay Aiken, Johnny Cash, The Gaither Vocal Band, and Michael English. As Billy has worked with so many well-known artists, I felt honored he would ask to work with me.

Working with Billy was both amazing and very special. We wrote, critiqued, did pre-production for 8-11 new songs, and discussed my future as an artist. We came up with a plan for creating the kind of album and touring career that can both be rewarding, and career changing for my life as well as to those who hear my music and my words. We are in the process of tweaking the songs, bio, story, and image. Along with broadening my sound and reinventing myself as an artist, I have adopted "Rhonda Louise" as my professional name. My current goal is to raise funds in the amount of $35,000, to allow me to return to Dark Horse Recording Studio in Tennessee this spring for Billy and I to record my new album, and to have a marketing plan in place as well. I would appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and financial support in this and I would be so grateful for any support I receive. (To learn more about Billy, visit Northern Shore Productions. To learn more about the studio, visit Dark Horse Recording) Thank you for your incredible support over the years – it means more than you know. Keep going

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