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New Beginnings, New Dreams, New Challenges

Hey! What a year it has been. New beginnings, new dreams met, and new challenges to keep me growing. It hasn’t always been an easy year, but I suppose that is what keeps me close to God. He never fails. Among taking time off to be with my family, I have been writing, rehearsing, and performing. Also, my friend and producer, Daron, and I have been hard at work, recording my next CD. Stay tuned for more news updates on its upcoming release, as well as my CD Release Party! You will not want to miss it! Are you ready for Christmas? How have you prepared to celebrate our Savior’s coming? Jesus, in his own willingness, left everything that was comfortable, peaceful, and perfect, then made himself nothing. He lived a life that honored his Father, and taught as he himself grew. He used what his Father gave him to be an example to us, to teach us, then to take our punishment to save us. Are you ready for Christmas? How have you prepared to celebrate our Savior’s coming? Even more-so, how will you live your life this next year to honor to him? Ask God to reveal himself to you in a way he hasn’t before. Ask him to remind you of the gifts he’s given you, then use them well. Ask him to give you gifts he hasn’t yet, and he’ll teach and show you. Ask him for the strength, courage, and direction, and he will guide you. Living a life of purpose with God isn’t always clear, but the most rewarding. That’s a true life of faith. Have a wonderful Christmas. I hope that this Christmas and New Year brings you closer to God in a way you never thought possible.

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