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A Life of Faith

Hey Friends!

Happy New Year! I hope your time celebrating Christmas and New Year's with your family and friends was a memorable one.

As I mentioned in my previous News letter, new exciting things are coming this year! Along with adopting "Rhonda Louise" as my new professional name, I will be introducing my new web site soon, and will be releasing new music this year! Stay tuned!

How is your "faith life"? My faith in God's providence is a daily personal challenge, and one that I will be focused on this year.

I'd love to be able to chat with Abram (later known as Abraham) and Sarai (later known as Sarah) about their faith. I'm sure that when God spoke to Abram it was a moment to remember. And as they left their friends and family the conversation with them would have been somewhat like -

Abram - Family, friends, thank you for allowing us to share some exciting news with you today! God has spoken to Sarai and I. He's told us to leave here and to go and make a great nation. We'll be leaving tomorrow.

Family/Friends - Huh???

Abram - Yea I know, it sounds nuts.

Family/Friends - You're leaving?

Abram - Yup

Family/Friends - What? Who?

Abram - Sarai and I, along with my nephew Lot, with our possessions and servants.

Family/Friends - So, your entire convoy.

Abram - Yes, I suppose so.

Family/Friends - To go build a new nation?

Abram - Yup

Family/Friends - Um, but you're both old. Like, OLD.

Abram - Yes. Yes we are.

Family/Friends - And you've tried for years and have been unable to have a family of your own...

Abram - We're aware.

Family/Friends - ...never mind "build a great nation"?!

Abram - Yea, it sounds crazy. And unreal, and unbelievable, and nutty, and unrealistic...

Family/Friends - So....??? You're going?

Abram - Yup

Family/Friends - Because God said?

Abram - Yup

Family/Friends - Don't you need to know more? Where are you going? How will you get there? How will you survive (eat, sleep, find shelter,...)? Where will you live? What new people will you be living with? Who are they? Can you trust them? What will you do there? And Sarai - how exactly will she conceive?...

Abram - I don't know. But God does. He'll lead us in all of it.

Family/Friends - And that's enough?

Abram - Yup. That's enough.

(Genesis 12)

My personal prayer is this - "God, show me your way and teach me as I obey you in faith. Thank you that you will provide what I need for what you want me to do. Amen."

How is your faith in God?

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