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"Studio Talk" - Meet My Producer Mark Troyer

Hey Friends!

I’d love for you to meet my producer Mark Troyer! Mark produced my album “Brave Girl” and my new Christmas single “I’ll Sing”.

What is a music producer? A music producer of an album is like the architect of a house. The artist (house owner) hires the producer (architect), and based on their budget the producer knows what caliber of musicians and effects the artist can afford. The artist brings their ideas for an album (house plan). They choose songs (rooms) that suit the pattern/flow of the album (house plan/flow). They discuss each song (room), how they would like it to sound (look), and what instruments might be added for effect (decor). The end result is a beautiful creation "built" from their collaboration.

Mark will be a guest on GMI Hub on YouTube "Studio Talk" this Monday, November 15, 7pm Central Time (5pm Mountain Time). If you are unable to watch live, visit the link anytime afterward to watch at your convenience.

Listen for my new Christmas single “I’ll Sing” coming to Canadian Christian radio soon! And, on November 15th, “I’ll Sing” will be available for download directly through my Music page and iTunes, and for streaming on Spotify.

Thank you again for your support!

Keep going,

Rhonda Louise


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