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Something Better - YouTube Lyric Video

Hey Friends!

Over this last summer, I took weekly solitary drives to Kananaskis Country/Hwy 40. While most visitors enter through the north gate by Hwy 1/Trans Canada Highway, I preferred driving through the south gate via Hwy 541 southwest of Turner Valley. I would take the scenic route and drive through Turner Valley and continue south on Range Road 31 for the quiet road and incredible views. Once at Hwy 541, I’d turn right and go west to Hwy 40 and into Kananaskis Country and the Rocky Mountains.

This drive became my weekly therapy. I fell in love with this beautiful valley, foothills, the distant view of the Rocky Mountains, and simplicity of the area. It was just me in my car, listening to my music (mostly the latest work on my then upcoming CD, sent to me from my producer Mark). I’d listen, sing, cry, pray, and just take in the scenery and listen to our work. Seeing this scenery, I felt God say, “I made all of this, Rhonda, for you to enjoy - I’m taking care of you.”

Wanting to share this amazing view with you, I got in my car, took another drive on this beautiful highway, and took footage of the drive. After viewing what I captured, I appreciated some metaphors that related to my song “Something Better” - a partly cloudy day (not every day is clear), a pitted windshield (looking past faults and distractions and instead focusing on what is ahead), starting at a crossroads (making a decision), making a turn (or change), driving in a full-on head wind (continuing through obstacles or opposition), turns and curves (varied views and perspectives), staying focused on what lies ahead (rather than the past), and not knowing what lies around the bend (an unknown future).

I still drive this road once in a while, to listen, cry, pray, and thank God for his leading. While life is hard and takes turns sometimes, His plans are always perfect, and it’s always something better.

Keep going,

Rhonda Louise


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