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Happy 2nd birthday to my special album “Brave Girl”!

My album “Brave Girl” is named after its signature song, a diary song I wrote as a letter to myself to encourage myself to heal from emotional and sexual abuse in the music industry. And every song on this album is a story, a testimony to God’s faithfulness.

Releasing this special album was terrifying - “Am I nuts?! This (ALL of me) is going out there! Why would I want to do this?!”

I knew, though, that God would use it. If one girl came to understand her true worth, even after abuse, it would be a success. It is.

And the message continues… Excited to speak about my experience at upcoming events, to share as an abuse survivor but also to teach about our responsibility in helping survivors heal.

Brave Girl, you are beautiful, remarkable, a conqueror, and loved.

This isn’t the end - keep going…


September 30, 2022

A prayer before recording the lead vocal for “Brave Girl” - “God, help me.”

Immediately after the the first run through the last chorus - confident, strong, and proud.

“Where did THAT voice just come from???”

Listening to the final lead vocal mix for “Brave Girl” - “That’s ME??? I did that??? God, thank you.”


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