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Beautiful Grace - YouTube Lyric Video!

“Beautiful Grace” was the last song I wrote for my record, “Brave Girl”, and it came out of growth and learning for myself the meaning of grace.

Knowing God’s grace is knowing that, whatever my circumstances, He is still my loving Father - my Strength, Peace, Comfort, Rock, Rest, and Calm. My life circumstances are constantly changing , so I choose faith to trust God in His guidance, and rely on His continual grace to keep going.

I’m reminded that it’s not just for me, but for everyone. If I am to speak of God’s grace for everyone, I need to believe that. So if that’s true, how do I forgive and give grace to the one that hurt me?

I’ve spent a lot of time in prayer, asking God how to forgive someone who hurt me deeply. The titles ‘rival’ and ‘foe’ are gentle words for ‘abuser’, ‘abandoner’, ‘bully’, ‘gossiper’, ‘the one who disagrees with me’, .... We all have those people in our lives, and as much as we dislike them or what they’ve said or done, God made and loves them, too. We’re all His. This allows me to forgive their offense then give them over to God. Grace is the absence of retaliation, punishment, and revenge. There’s freedom in letting them go and allowing God to respond to them in his dominion.

I’ve learned that it is unnatural to forgive. Only God can teach me that. While in emotional turmoil, I’m too focused inward, not seeing outside of myself and not seeing God’s grace as it is. This learning curve is a struggle. It is steep and strenuous. Then, when I remember Jesus on the cross, saying ‘Father, forgive them, they know not what they do’, it gives me comfort. Even Jesus, fully human, needed the Father’s grace to forgive. Asking for grace, and for God to teach me how to give grace, is a daily prayer. Once I started praying it daily, I started to see people differently.

To view my new lyric video for Beautiful Grace, click the YouTube link below.

“Beautiful Grace” is now available for download through my website and through iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Request to hear “Beautiful Grace” on your local or satellite radio stations. Share the “Beautiful Grace - Lyric Video” on social media, with your thoughts and how you have related to the message of “Beautiful Grace”.

Keep going,

Rhonda Louise


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