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God is doing something...

As you may know, I was unwell from February until September 2018, until surgery in September. In time, my health improved immensely, as did my faith.

During recovery, I spent time reading Louie Giglio’s book “Goliath Must Fall”. This incredible book increased my faith, confidence, and security in Christ. I paused often to pray, for full health as well as for God’s leading.

This past November I received an email from a woman from Tampa, Florida named Kim. Kim expressed her love for my song, "Rahab", and gave me her phone number to call her.

I called Kim and we had an amazing talk. She told me how her women's church group had been studying Rahab's account of redemption, and how they found my "Rahab" video on YouTube then contacted me through my website. On behalf of her group, Kim invited me to come speak and perform at their fall brunch.

While I would have loved to go, plans fell through. I did, however, suggest sending them a live performance of "Rahab", and Kim and her friends loved the idea. Early November, I spent a day videotaping my talk and performance, and my husband Peter spent the evening creating the DVD. I sent the DVD then waited...

On December 1st, the day of their brunch, Kim was kind enough to send me an update - It sounds like they had an incredible time!

Thank you, Kim, Marianne, Suzanne, and everyone at Tampa Bay Presbyterian Church for your invitation and honorarium support! And congratulations on your beautiful event! I would have loved to join you - hoping and praying for future opportunities!

Here’s to a life of learning to live by faith!

Keep going,

Rhonda Louise

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