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Summer 2018 Update

Hey Friends,

Thank you for allowing me to share with you today.

For some time now, I have been unwell. Because of this, I’ve become easily tired and have had to manage my time and energy wisely, focusing on my family, home, and health first. I have not been performing (since mid-April) nor rehearsing much at all at home (roughly one hour in the past three months).

I am working with both my family doctor and specialist on treatment, and most likely will require surgery. My health concerns are not serious - only exhausting and at times frustrating.

Thank you, “Window on the West” stage (Calgary Stampede), Come Alive Gospel Fest (Peace River), The River Junction (Peace River), and friends of St Albert, Alberta, for your invite to perform. Thank you, too, for your understanding and support in my need to withdraw from performing, and your open invitation to come when the time is right.

Once my body allows, and I have regained my energy, I will begin to practice and prepare for my future performances.

While I'm sometimes tempted to doubt or distrust God, feel frustrated and impatient, or feel envious of peers and their progress, I'm reminded that God has a specific plan for my life and music career. He is working behind the scenes, creating unique opportunities for the future. His way is always best.

"I don't know what He is doing, but I know who He is." (Unknown)

Please stay tuned and stay connected through my web site and social media pages.

Thank you for your encouragement and prayer support for my family and I - we appreciate you!

Rhonda Louise

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