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Happy Canada Day!

Hey Friends,

I have been shocked and saddened in learning of our Indigenous people’s true history. I’m ashamed of my ignorance in not being publicly taught, but also for not having the personal interest to learn. It’s changed me, and, I hope, for the better.

While we live in a complicated, awkward, and painful time in our country, and not all have an easy life, there is still a lot to celebrate - our beautiful cultures, our incredible landscapes, our women’s freedoms and rights, our freedom in democracy, travel, religion, health, speech, dress… we are privileged and I’m proud to be Canadian. I pray that we can learn to listen before we judge, ask before we question, accept before we discard, give before we take, and offer support before we criticize. “God, keep our land…”

I’m honored to join Ontario’s Christian superstation Life 100.3 for their Canada Day special! Listen for songs and interviews by Canadian Christian artists, including Yours Truly! Recorded this past April, my comments include - “What are my favorite Canadian attractions? Have I ever seen a moose? What have I missed over this last year? How did I write my latest single “Consider Yourself Loved”?” Tune in July 1 at 11am-2pm and 2-5pm (MST) on

Happy Canada Day!

Rhonda Louise


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