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Thoughts in Recovery

Hey Friends,

Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayer support these past few weeks. The boredom and loneliness during recovery from surgery, with time only to rest and think, can be dangerous. It’s tempting to become frustrated, jealous, depressed, impatient, critical, or even angry. It can, though, also be used as a time to re-evaluate things; about relationships, work, and how I view God. It’s been challenging.

I’ve been hugely encouraged by Louie Giglio and his book, “Goliath Must Fall”. I’ve learned about myself and about God, what God is really like, and how He truly wants the best for us. Both my view of Him and my faith isn’t what it should be. I’m seeing signs of His leading, and while it’s exciting it’s also scary!

I need support in this - would you commit to praying for me? Pray for guidance and direction for my future in music, but also for increased faith as I obey God’s leading.

Thank you!

Rhonda Louise

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