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Compassion Canada

Hey! I have some awesome news - It’s a girl! (WHAT?!) I’m excited to announce that I am now sponsoring a girl from Mexico! Gabriela is a beautiful 13-year-old girl (who shares my son’s birthday – year and date!), who has similar interests as my own. Through Compassion Canada, I will have opportunities to encourage her through letters and photos, and help provide Christian teaching, schooling, nutrition, medical care, life skills, and vocational training through a local church. I cannot wait to correspond with Gabriela, and am anxious to see where my involvement with Compassion Canada leads. Becoming involved with Compassion Canada was more emotional than I had anticipated, and I’m thrilled to be part of it. How often do we think nothing of spending our money on dinner or a movie, and yet somehow sponsoring a needy child seems to require more thought and prayer? Jesus said, “Feed my lambs” (John 21:15-17). I would encourage you to consider lending your support to Compassion Canada – you won’t regret it. Please visit for more details.

Join me at The House Coffee Sanctuary this Friday, December 17th, for an intimate evening of music, as we remember the coming of our Saviour... “We are the reason that He gave His life; We are the reason that He suffered and died; To a world that was lost He gave all He could give; To show us a reason to live.” (David Meece). Please refer to my Dates page for more details. A few days ago, my dear friend, Bev, shared her thoughts about Jesus’ mother, Mary. Allow me to share those thoughts with you now... “...thinking about Mary and the rejection she experienced from her family that first Christmas... She was so young, and yet she believed, obeyed, and took on this enormous call from God knowing that she could very well be stoned to death as people realized she was pregnant before marrying Joseph. The Bible only talks of one angelic visitation to Mary; she had to hold on to that and her huge faith in God as her parents and community all rejected the idea and called her a liar. She must have cried so many tears. It must have been very scary to face all of that with so little support. The truth would not be fully realized until decades later. Christmas is far from perfect. It is somehow comforting to know that the first Christmas was anything but. There was no perfect family reunion, no proud announcement from the grandparents, but a select few who believed that Jesus would change the world.” And that, He did. Thank you, Bev, for that perspective. Thank you again for your continued prayer and support. May you know Christ’s perfect love and forgiveness for yourself this special time of year.

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