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Canadian Singer Rhonda Louise Appearances



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Canadian Singer Rhonda Louise Music


Canadian Singer Rhonda Louise About


"Honest, contemplative, uplifting and encouraging, personal yet relatable, surprising, moving."  These are only some of the comments in response to Rhonda Louise's music.


Her voice has been called "strong, yet soothing and calming," while her talent as a pianist has also been recognized ("Clearly the best pianist we heard today." - Ali Mathews, 2012 Canadian Gospel Music Association talent judge).


Rhonda Louise lends everything within her to her songs. "Songwriting is extremely vulnerable and revealing. It's somewhat of a musical diary," she says. "Every song has a story behind it, as if to say 'Here is what I have felt, lived through, learned from, and what I have celebrated'. When I am ready to share that memory with my fans it is an incredibly special moment."

Suffering a near-fatal illness as a child and being frequently sick while growing up, then experiencing sickness and healing in her family, Rhonda Louise understands the significance of miracles. She also knows the feelings of loneliness and emotional pain, having suffered emotionally throughout her childhood and adult life. However, because of the past heartache, she knows better about contentment, peace, joy, and appreciation for every seemingly insignificant gift. Rhonda Louise's growing Christian faith has also taught her about God's forgiveness and grace, and how he's our Father who loves us. She goes on to say, "I've frequently shared about God's grace, forgiveness, and acceptance, and yet those are things I'm still learning to grasp for myself. It's very humbling and moving."

Rhonda Louise shares her music within church services, coffee houses, bistros, house concerts, and in her concerts, tailoring her song choices to each unique group of guests. "I love meeting everyone at my shows and enjoy hearing their stories, how they related to a song or a lyric."

As Rhonda Louise has grown as an artist, her songwriting continues to evolve and sometimes surprise her audience, and she looks forward to sharing those moments. She also welcomes letters and emails, and appreciates knowing how her fans have related to her music.

Canadian Singer Rhonda Louise Press



“The staff and participants at Rising Above Ministry were honoured to be thought of while Rhonda Louise was on tour in Northern Alberta. Rhonda is using her God-given talent to inspire others through personal experiences turned into passionate songwriting. It’s obvious that a lot of thought and heart is put into the writing of her songs, as well as her performances. Thank you Rhonda for impacting our organization!”

Stephanie, Business Development Manager - Rising Above Ministry
Grande Prairie, AB

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